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The Ultimate Service Agreement

Peace of mind knowing we are here for you 24/7! 

Annual maintenance helps to increase your system’s efficiency, extend its life, and ensure that it is operating properly and safely. Members receive discounts on repairs and earn percentages off equipment installations.

Stars Plan

Fantastic Benefits



Pricing for an additional system.



Blue Plan

Best Benefits



Pricing for an additional system.



White Plan

Better Benefits



Pricing for an additional system.



Red Plan

Good Benefits


Pricing for an additional system.


Plumbing USA

Good Benefits


air conditioning repair

Residential and Commercial HVAC

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Terms and Conditions
1. Units cannot be on separate tiers so one plan perhousehold. Red Plan not available to homes with one singular unit (i.e. furnace only).
2. Repair and/or replacement parts necessary to correctdefects will be an additional charge and will be due andpayable at the time of service.
3. The term of this agreement will be automatically renewed on qualifying plans unless canceled by either party with a30-day written notice.
4. Monthly billing options require 6 month paid up front atday of sign up, and a credit card must be saved on file.
5. Agreement and benefits are transferable to newhomeowners but are not transferable to new residences.
6. The inspections outlined in this agreement will be performed during normal working hours.
7. Any lapse in coverage voids current repair warranties held with Westland.
8. Refrigerant is not covered under any warranty.
9. In the event customer fails to schedule services under this agreement, and reasonable attempts have been made onthe company’s behalf to contact customer, the agreementshall be terminated upon the expiration date, and anyunused services will be lost.
10. USA discounts can not be combined with any otherdiscount or offer.

**Replacement Purchase Accrual System:

1. Purchase Accrual can be used toward the purchase of anyqualifying replacement heating and/or air conditioningsystem.
2. It cannot be used towards the Service Agreement or cost of repairs.
3. Purchase Accrual cannot be redeemed for cash value.
4. Customer must remain a member of the Service Agreement continuously without lapse to retain Purchase Accrual.