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Why Are Lime Deposits a Problem for Your Water Heater?

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Lime deposits are a common problem here in Avon, OH, and no doubt you’ve had to deal with them before now. They’re calcium deposits caused by hard water (or water with a high mineral content), and if you’ve ever experienced that gross white build-up on your faucet or shower head, you’ve made its acquaintance. Hard water in the home can be dealt with with a little elbow grease or a water-softening system for your entire home. But lime deposits can show up in your water heater as well, and when they do, they can be very hard to get rid of.

Why Are Lime Deposits a Problem?

Lime deposits are a problem in any pipe system because they restrict the flow of water. But they’re a particular menace to water heaters because they will build up on the bottom of the water tank: insulating the water from the burners trying to heat it. That costs the water heater a great deal of efficiency—raising monthly energy bills as a result—and can be very stressful on the bottom of the water tank, which absorbs all of that wasted heat.

How Can I Tell If I Have Lime Deposits in My Tank?

A trained plumber can flush out your water tank and remove the lime deposits building up there, but you first need to know that there’s a problem. The most obvious is a soft gurgling sound which the water will make as it filters through the sediment deposits on the bottom of the tank. You can also tell if your water bills have gone up. Ideally, you can prevent the problem from ever arising by scheduling maintenance every year for your water heater from professionals.

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