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Why Am I Not Getting Enough Hot Water In My House?

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Your hot water heater contains a tank that provides instant hot water whenever you need it. If you use enough hot water, that reservoir will start to run down and you may sense the water cooling off a bit. That’s not abnormal. But what happens when a lack of hot water becomes a consistent issue; when you find yourself constantly asking, “why am I not getting enough hot water in my house?” Here in North Olmstead, professional water heater repair services can put those more serious problems at bay, but it helps to understand what those problems are first.

The first culprit in the case of a lack of hot water is the thermocouple, which turns off the gas when the pilot light isn’t on. If it’s malfunctioning, you might not be getting any hot water. It may also be functioning perfectly, in which case there is a problem with the pilot light itself.

The trouble may also lie with a faulty thermostat, which is misreading the temperature and sending “hot” water along that is anything but. Alternately, you could be dealing with a clogged vent or flue which prevents the water heater from venting. It might also be the dip tube, which forces cold water to the bottom of the tank and allows hot water to rise up for use. If it isn’t working, you could be getting cold water mixed in with your hot water.

Regardless of the causes, a certified expert can determine why you are not getting enough hot water in your house, then propose a viable solution. In most cases, that involves replacing the faulty component: usually a simple operation though one that requires professional expertise. In some cases, you may need to replace the entire water heater, especially if it’s an older unit with more problems than simply failing to provide hot water. And regardless if it’s a repair job or a replacement, it pays to set up a regular service plan to keep the heater running at peak capacity. Westland Heating and Air Conditioning handles North Olmstead water heater issues; call us today to set up a consultation!

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