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Upgrades for Your Water Heater

How is your water heater doing? Does it begrudgingly keep the water of your home relatively warm, while not really going above and beyond? Or perhaps it brings you joy every day because of the upgrade you had done on your system? Well, we’re here to talk to those that are struggling and explain that there are ways to reach happiness.

Water heaters come in two types: tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Each one is unique at providing hot water in given circumstances, and it’s up to you (with our help) to figure out which water heater is right for you. Before you jump to conclusions about a water heater in Strongsville, OH, remember that conventional doesn’t mean better.

Tank water heaters are more common in our area, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Let us talk about your water heater upgrade options and see what you think.

A Tankless Upgrade

Imagine being able to take a long shower, or each of your family members being able to take showers in a row without having to worry about the tank running out of hot water. Or perhaps you’d be better off imagining your family going on vacation and coming back to zero energy consumption from your water heater because you don’t need to deal with standby heat loss that a tank water heater does?

Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming incredibly popular for these exact reasons. They’re also known as on-demand water heaters because they use gas burners to heat your water as you demand it. Instead of keeping it warm in a tank for you to use at some point, it just heats the water as it enters your home and sends it right to your appliance. Simple, effective, and efficient.

Tankless water heaters might cost more upfront, but they actually save money down the line. They run more efficiently and save you money on fuel costs. They also don’t have as many parts that come in contact with water as a tank water heater does, so you likely won’t need to pay for as many repairs as you would with a tank water heater. If the idea of this kind of water heater upgrade sounds interesting to you, give us a call!

A New Tank Water Heater

Now hold on a second, you’re probably thinking that a tankless water heater sounds way better than a tank water heater. How could this be considered an upgrade?

Well, for starters, tank water heaters don’t last forever. If your water heater is falling apart and needs to be replaced, there are high-efficiency tank water heaters on the market that will run circles around your existing one. Tank water heaters are also more affordable initially than tankless water heating systems, which means they can be a great upgrade choice for homeowners on a budget.

Also, upgrading the size of your tank water heater can do wonders. If you’re struggling with a tank that’s just not big enough for your home, but a tankless water heater wouldn’t cut it since you have so many people using water at the same time, then perhaps it’s time for a size upgrade. Call our team today to upgrade your system accordingly.

Call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning for a water heater upgrade today.

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