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Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Water Heater

Winter is on its way, and with temperatures dropping rapidly here in Bay Village, OH, it’s time to give your various home appliances a good hard look to make sure they’re ready for cold weather. This is especially true for your water heater, which needs to provide hot water for bathing and cleaning no matter how cold it gets outside. It can be hard to spot problems with a water heater, since it’s usually parked in an out-of-the-way spot like the basement or garage, and rarely shows signs of an issue until its far too late. Regular maintenance for your water heater, conducted by a trained technician, could be the perfect way to get it ready for the winter.

What Is Regular Maintenance?

When calling in a technician, you usually have a specific problem in mind, such as a lack of hot water or strange sounds coming from the unit. In those cases, the visit is intended to pinpoint the source of the trouble and fix it. Maintenance doesn’t take that approach. Instead, it’s intended to look over the entire system for signs of trouble, as well as perform little steps to help improve efficiency, such as flushing out the tank or replacing the anode rod (which prevents rust) if need be.

This has the effect of improving efficiency, as well as letting the technician spot any looming problems and make plans for repairs. In addition, the technician can make recommendations for helping to keep the water heater safe from cold spells during the winter, such as adding an insulating blanket to the tank or increasing the water temperature. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your water heater is up to facing months of cold weather, as well as saving a little money on those monthly bills.

If you haven’t scheduled water heater maintenance in a while, call the pros at Westland Heating and Air today!

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