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Keep your Water Heater Running with Annual Maintenance

Appliances like your water heater rarely cause trouble until the problem is severe. By the time you realize something’s wrong, it’s too late to take little measures, and you may even have to replace your water heater entirely rather than settle for less expensive repairs. In Rocky River, OH you can call in a service that conducts annual maintenance checks, designed not only to detect repair issues early and schedule a session to correct them before they cause much damage, but to help your system avoid wear and tear to boot. What, specifically, does a maintenance visit do for your water heater? Read on for the answers.

Sediment Build-Up

Sediment can come in with the water and settles on the bottom of the water tank. Over time, that can form a solid layer that comes between the burners and the water they’re trying to warm: reducing your system’s efficiency and eventually damaging the tank. Every maintenance visit involves draining the tank and removing the sediment so that it doesn’t impede your system’s performance.

Anode Rod

The anode rod prevents your tank from becoming rusty, absorbing the elements that create rust with layers of aluminum or magnesium. But the anode rod needs to be replaced every two or three years or else the sides of the tank begin to rust. A maintenance visit can ensure that the anode rod is replaced as needed.

Pressure Relief Valve

The water in your heater is often under a great deal of pressure, and in the wrong circumstances, can cause a breach or even an explosion. The pressure relief valve activates in the event of an emergency to relieve the pressure and prevent such a catastrophe. During routine maintenance, the technician will carefully examine the valve for damage or trouble.

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