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Going Tankless: Benefits of An On-Demand Water Heater in Your Avon Home

Is your old water heater costing too much to operate or failing to provide your home with an ample hot water supply? When you’re ready for a new or replacement water heater installation you may want to consider going tankless. Tankless on-demand water heaters, with proper installation and sizing, can provide effective hot water service to your Avon home while offering many benefits that standard tank-style water heaters do not.

Less Energy Loss

Because storage tank water heaters must continually heat a water reservoir they are prone to what is called “standby energy loss.” The water they store needs to be ready for use, so storage tank heaters constantly heat that stored water to maintain its temperature. Tankless on-demand water heaters, on the other hand, do not store water this way. When a faucet is turned on the water feeds through the heater and is heated on demand. Only the necessary amount of water is heated, and because none is stored no energy is used to maintain temperatures. This improves energy efficiency and can help to save you money.

Take Up Less Space

The design of tankless on-demand water heaters means that they take up less room, making them ideal for homes without the space for a storage tank water heater. Their relatively small design allows for the possibility of multiple tankless water heater installations as well. If your home has many residents and high hot water demands you can supply hot water to different areas of your home with different tankless heaters. That way overtaxing the heater is not a concern.

Improve Water Quality

Because tank-style hot water heaters store a constant reserve of water it is possible for rust and scale to build up within the tank. This problem is of course eliminated with the elimination of the water tank.  There’s no way for sediment to build up.

We hope that this information has been helpful in making your decision about whether a tankless on-demand water heater is right for your Avon home. Call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning today with any questions you may still have. We have the answers you need to make the right water heater decision for your home.

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