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Check on Your Pool Heater for Signs of Trouble

With winter finally coming to an end, many homeowners in Avon, OH and other nearby towns are starting their spring cleaning. This should extend to more than just your house. If you have a pool, it’s likely sat unused for most of the winter, and you may be eager to start using it: especially if you have a pool heater. Before you do that, however, you should check your heater for problems. Ideally, a trained technician can perform regular maintenance for you before you start using your pool. They will be able to spot and correct a number of problems, allowing you to make use of your pool even when the spring weather is still a little chilly. You can assist by checking on your pool heater for signs of trouble, then alerting a professional when you spot them. We’ve provided a short list of some of the things to look for below:

Dirty Filters

When the filter gets clogged and dirty—which it can often do when it’s sat unused—it can disrupt the necessary pressure required for the system to work. That’s usually about 16 psi (pounds per square inch) though your particular pool heater may have a different setting.

General Corrosion

Ideally, your pool heater is protected against rust and other forms of corrosion. But no system is perfect, and if you have an older pool heater, then years of winter and other factors can lead to corrosion. If that’s the case, you may need to replace your pool heater.

Clogged Fuel Line

If the gas line providing fuel to the heater becomes clogged or develops a leak, it will disrupt the heater’s ability to function. You may also have an issue with the gas valve that’s preventing the heater from being used. These are especially common immediately after the winter, when cold weather and snow can take their toll on the fuel line.

Call upon Westland Heating and Air to get your pool heater up to speed.

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