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Springtime Is Sump Pump Season

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When spring rolls around, it’s easy to get swept up in the good vibes. Between the rising temperatures, the breezes that feel amazing, and the longer days, sometimes you’ve just got to take a walk and enjoy yourself. However, you know that’s not the only aspect of spring that we need to be ready for. There are also the infamous April showers.

When it rains here in Avon, it can absolutely pour. Having a go-to plumber in Avon, OH has never been more important because of the vicious storms we can get and the flooding that can occur. If you’ve got a home that lies beneath the water table, or that sees frequent flooding issues, then this is your yearly springtime PSA for sump pump service.

Sump pumps are the perfect tool to stop your home from getting constantly flooded every spring, and we’ll talk about exactly why this is.

How They Work: Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are fairly well known in this area at this point, but don’t feel ashamed if you’ve never really heard of them. After all, it’s easy to miss some information about a certain topic if it doesn’t really relate to you at the time. Well, now a sump pump relates to you so it’s important you know what it is!

These systems are basically pits set up in basements that draw all the floodwaters into them. The pit is what’s called the sump, and don’t worry—it won’t ruin the aesthetic of your basement. It will actually be out of sight and out of mind, so you don’t really have to worry about your basement becoming a flood factory.

Then, the “pump” part of the sump pump draws the water from the pit and disperses it outside somewhere it’s not going to return. This can be into your drainage system, into your garden, or somewhere else. Once you’ve got a sump pump set up to work, you’ve basically got an automatic system that will remove all water that would normally cause your basement to flood and your furniture or flooring to be ruined.

An Emergency System

Sump pumps might seem unnecessary for most of the year. However, would you call a smoke alarm an “unnecessary” system because it only beeps during emergencies? Absolutely not!

Sump pumps only work when they have to. If we’ve had a lucky year with no flash floods, then that’s great news. But chances are slim that this is the reality of the situation, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Peace of Mind Is Essential

The best benefit from a sump pump is peace of mind. Nobody likes having their basement ruined by flash floodwaters. This is especially true when you’ve got boxes of priceless artifacts, heirlooms, pictures, and objects that hold tremendous personal value to you. A sump pump is a system that’s designed to leave all of that worry behind so you can go about your day knowing your basement is protected from floods.

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for sump pump services you can count on.

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