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Protect Your Home Today With a Sump Pump

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One of the reasons why we have this blog is to inform our customers and prepare them for weather events that might be on the horizon. We’re not just talking about heatwaves and cold temperatures. We’re also talking about rain and thunderstorms. There can be serious flooding events in our area, and if you’ve got a basement that has flooded before, you know this all too well.

That’s why we want to introduce as many people as we can to the sump pump in Berea, OH. These nifty machines are excellent at keeping your basement dry and free of any flooding water. They continuously drain the water that would be flooding the rooms under your home, and send it away from your property to be drained in a storm drain or somewhere else where the water can be naturally removed.

Let’s find out if you can use a sump pump this year.

How a Sump Pump Works

A sump pump is a system that relies on two major components to do most of the heavy lifting when heavy rainfall threatens to flood your basement. These components, aptly named the sump and the pump, work hard to make sure that any water gets expelled from your basement and sent somewhere it can be used or washed away.

The sump works as a hole in the bottom of your basement, attracting all of the flood waters to one place so that they can be collected for the next step of the process. A sump can be drilled into the floor of your basement, or it can be placed in a strategic location specifically for water-draining purposes. This leaves the rest of your basement dry and usable.

The pump component then uses electricity to move the water from the sump to somewhere else on your property. This can be a storm drain, a well, a nearby pond, downhill somewhere else, or you can even use it to water your garden! Think about how good it might be to use the water that would normally flood your basement to feed your garden.

The Dangers of a Flooding Basement

If you decide to go without a sump pump, we think it would be in your best interest to know the dangers of a flooding basement. It can happen quickly, and when it does, the following can happen without much time to prepare.

  • Mold. Moisture in your cool, dark basement can lead to mold growth. This is bad for your personal health, and mold will also rot your home’s wood since it holds moisture.
  • Structural damage. Those wooden beams that get moldy and begin to rot are integral to the structural integrity of your home. A constantly flooding basement is at risk for structural damage, which is expensive to repair.
  • Ruined storage or antique furniture. Many people store priceless heirlooms and antiques in the basement. These can get ruined when the basement floods.

Don’t worry about your basement potentially flooding. Contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing to have a sump pump installed this year.

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