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Our Chemical Drain Cleaner PSA

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When was the last time you went to the grocery store? It was probably in the last few weeks at least. At this point, you probably know your local grocery store’s aisles like the back of your hand. We bet you’d be able to walk through there blindfolded!

Well, in this case, you’ve probably seen the home improvement and plumbing section of the grocery store. This is a convenient section where you can usually get plungers, drain snakes, gloves, cleaning supplies, and other things that might be important for your clogged drain. But one thing we’d ask you to stay away from is chemical drain cleaners. These harmful substances can really do a number on both your personal health and your plumbing system.

Steer clear of these chemicals and choose drain cleaning in Parma, OH the old-fashioned way—by calling a professional plumber!

The Numerous Health Concerns

Chemical drain cleaners are absolutely abysmal for the health and safety of your home. As people become more aware of the long-term effects that chemicals have on our bodies, it’s becoming apparent that chemical drain cleaners have a seriously detrimental effect.

First, their fumes can be nauseating and sickening to the point of giving people headaches. Then, by just touching those chemicals can give burns and rashes. This can effect your mouth, nose, skin, fingers, and eyes if you’re not careful.

Just this reason alone should be enough for you to consider avoiding the chemicals for an all-natural solution that preserves your health.

They’ll Eat Through Your Pipes

Drain cleaning chemicals are either caustic or acidic, which basically means that they’re volatile and will eat away at materials they come in contact with. This is why they can leave rashes on your skin.

Your pipe’s interior lining might be strong but over time it will weaken due to constant chemical usage. These chemicals will eat away at your drain pipes as much as they’ll eat away at clogging materials, so be very careful with them or avoid them altogether.

They’re Bad for the Environment

It’s important to view the environment as an ecosystem with various different cycles. For instance, the way we use and reuse water is called the “water cycle.” Everything that gets dumped down the drain or thrown out in the trash must go somewhere, and there are systems set up to dispose of them.

Drain chemicals can mix with the wastewater of your home until they’re released into the environment where they can kill plants, get consumed by critters, or even poison the local water supply. Not only are these hazardous to the environment, but some of them take years and a lot of energy to fully break down.

They Barely Work!

Want to know the most frustrating aspect of drain cleaning chemicals? Sometimes they just don’t work. So, after all that hard work and learning about all of their risks, at the end of the day they might not get the job done.

Do you know what always gets the job done? A licensed plumber with a hydro jet or industrial plunger. Our team can help you with your drain clog ASAP.

Trust Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing by contacting our team and scheduling an appointment today.

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