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Don’t Pour Chemicals Down Your Bathroom Sink!

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We all know how convenient it is to head to your local grocery store for some drain cleaning chemicals. They’re neatly labeled and organized, promise a quick and easy solution, and sometimes they even show the chemical reaction on the back with cute pictures! How could you possibly go wrong with these store-bought solutions?

Well, chemicals rarely do the trick when it comes to draining your sink. And to make matters worse, they’re horrible for your home’s plumbing, the environment, and your personal health. We’d like all homeowners to know that we highly recommend steering clear of these chemicals.

Before you feel disappointed, remember that we have natural solutions for your sink plumbing in Strongsville, OH. If you keep reading, we’ll clue you in to how this can be an exciting opportunity to have your drains cleared by a team of professionals, water, and a little bit of elbow grease, instead of harmful chemicals.

Why We Urge Homeowners to Stay Away From Chemicals

Let’s cover the basics. Before we steer you in the right direction, it’s important that we mention why chemical drain cleaners can be so awful. Here are a few clear reasons to never use a bottled chemical drain cleaner again.

  • They’re caustic and harmful to the environment. These chemicals are extremely potent, either very acidic or basic, and they’ll wreak havoc on the environment and ecosystem near your home.
  • They eat away at your pipe lining. Your pipe lining is important to prevent leaks and keep things running smoothly to the sewer or septic system. Chemicals can eat away at the pipe lining of your plumbing system and contribute to leaks and other issues.
  • They can be harmful to your personal health. Being in close contact with these chemicals can cause severe health problems like rashes, chemical burns, and irritations of the eyes, nose, throat, and mouth.
  • They barely even work. These chemicals will only work sometimes. If a drain clog is too large or is made up of dense materials, the chemicals won’t work at all.

The Chemical Reaction

How do chemical drain cleaners actually work? Well, they’re extremely powerful acidic or basic chemicals that chemically react with all the materials in your pipes, including the pipe lining. They’re supposed to eat away at the clog and, through a chemical reaction, dissolve it so it passes into the sewer. However, they usually don’t get the job done and will most likely dissolve your pipe’s lining.

Our Solution to the Problem

We can help! Our team has access to industrial tools like drain snakes and specialized plungers that can use safe and chemical-free methods of removing clogs from your plumbing system. None of what we do can harm your pipe’s lining, your plumbing system, or contribute to environmental decay.

Hydro Jetting

Our team can hydro jet your plumbing system. This involves the use of a powerful water jet attached at the end of an auger. Using natural water that’s pressurized, we can remove every bit of clogging material that’s causing you trouble. It’s natural, safe, and effective!

Contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing to have your drains cleared today!

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