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Could You Use a New Toilet?

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Toilets are essential to our everyday lives. When our toilets start to waste water, run incorrectly, or leak and clog too often, they can lead to a lower quality of life and some pretty bad horror stories. If your toilet is keeping your home from functioning in a way that keeps you happy and comfortable, then there’s something wrong that should be fixed.

Firstly, we’d like to tell you that we can provide fast and reliable toilet repairs when you need them. Whether it’s a clog, a leak, or some kind of mischievous problem that’s giving you headaches, we’ve got your back!

That being said, if you’re dealing with reoccurring toilet problems, or a toilet that’s wasting far too much water as it runs, then you might be in the perfect situation to upgrade it. When it comes to toilet plumbing in Westlake, OH, we can provide you with the necessary advice. Keep reading to learn more!

The Solution to Your Toilet Problems

Toilets can run into problems, but the important part is to remember that our team can provide solutions to those problems. Let’s try to narrow down what’s going wrong with your toilet and figure out a good long-term solution for your situation.

Keep in mind, there are some high-efficiency, comfortable toilets that are manufactured today that could be a huge boon for your home comfort. Don’t hesitate to consider replacing the entire toilet system for you and your family!

Water Efficiency

Believe it or not, toilets use a lot of water when they flush. Older toilet models use the same amount of water on every flush, whereas some newer models can perform a single flush or a double flush, depending on how much water you want to use. This is perfect for a more customized approach toward your bathroom appliances.

However, this isn’t the main reason for these flushing improvements. The big reason is efficiency!

The less water your toilet uses to do the same job it always does, the less you’re paying on your monthly water bill. Mix this with other water-saving appliances like high-efficiency showerheads and you’ll start saving a lot of money year after year!


If your toilet isn’t comfortable to use, then what’s the point? It’s called the porcelain throne for a reason, and it’s your sanctuary. An uncomfortable toilet can lead to improper usage, more flushes, leaks, and other problems that homeowners might accidentally cause.

Don’t let your toilet upset you. It’s time you upgraded your toilet system to a model that makes you feel comfortable.

Constant Leaks and Clogs

A toilet might leak once or twice during its lifespan, and that’s perfectly normal. However, if your toilet is leaking regularly, or clogging to the point where you have our number on speed dial, then something is amiss. Toilets that require repairs constantly are usually on their way out, and it’s important to address this problem early on!

Our team can provide you with the toilet fixes and services you need.

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing today. We can help!

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