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3 Necessary Tools for Your Sink Drain

Your sink is an integral part of your plumbing system. Think about it, when was the last time you used either your kitchen or bathroom sink? An hour ago? Four hours ago? It’s something that we use daily and yet we pay so little attention to it when we’re not cleaning it or dealing with a problem. That’s why we want to focus today on three specific tools that can help you keep your sink drain in good shape.

One of those tools is scheduling service for your sink plumbing in North Ridgeville, OH. Professionals like the ones on our team have industrial-grade equipment that can help loosen and remove even the toughest drain clogs that might plague your sink. So, if all the tools we mention below aren’t getting the job done, you can always rest assured that we’ll fix the problem!

With that said, let’s talk about some nifty tools that will help your sink this spring.

Find the Right Sized Plunger

Plungers are one of the classic ways to remove drain clogs and keep your sink running well. It can be easy to think, due to the media and other portrayals of plungers, that they only fit in a toilet system. But that’s just not true!

Try looking online or at your nearest hardware store for a sink plunger. They’re a specific size and not as tall, since sinks are already at arm’s height. These types of plungers can perfectly fit your sink’s drain and do what they do best—alleviate a drain clog!

Plungers remove clogs and keep your sink running smoothly using a pressurized seal. The plunger seals around the entrance of your sink’s drain, and when you push and pull, it increases or decreases the pressure in the drain. This constant change in pressure will loosen most clogs and keep your drain in good shape.

Drain Snakes Are Your Friend

Have you ever used a drain snake? If you haven’t, they’re cool and common plumbing appliances that even homeowners can use. Drain snakes operate differently from plungers, and when they’re used together you can alleviate a lot of drain problems.

Drain snakes are basically plastic or metal augers that fit in your drain. They’ve usually got little snags or hooks to catch on debris or clogging materials and literally rip them apart. Then, when your sink starts running water again, the hope is that the clogging materials are flushed away and your sink is left clean!

Avoid Drain Chemicals—Call Us Instead!

Unfortunately, not every sink drain will be cleared with just a drain snake and a plunger. Before you reach for the chemicals in the plumbing aisle of the supermarket, remember that there’s a better option available. You can schedule an appointment with us!

Chemicals will ruin the interior of your plumbing system and even release harmful fumes into the air that can linger for days. Our team has access to industrial-grade equipment like hydro jets that naturally and effectively remove drain clogs quickly.

It’s time to contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for help with your sink plumbing.

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