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What You Need to Know About Your Indoor Air Quality

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Do you find yourself coughing and sneezing a lot, even when you’re in your own home? Do you often get sick, even outside of common seasons for it? If so, then you just might have a problem with your indoor air quality. It may seem like the air in our homes is largely empty, but in fact it is brimming with millions of microscopic particles. These particles include dust, mites, insect dander, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of other harmful contaminants. Some are lung irritants, some are allergens, and some are infectious agents. All of them lower your quality of life when you breathe them in.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that these contaminants can build up in your home, and what you can do about it.

Contaminant Build-up

Now, if so many of these contaminants are floating around in your air supply at all times, why are you not always coughing, sneezing, and getting sick? Most of these particles need to be in high concentrations to have a substantial effect on you, and with you constantly moving around the house they don’t really have a chance to settle and build up. There is, however, one place where this isn’t true: the ducts.

The ductwork in your home provides a perfect haven for contaminants to collect, away from the activity and cleaning efforts that would otherwise disperse them. If moisture is present, as from a leak or high humidity, the ducts can also become an ideal environment for mold growth. Then, when a forced air system is turned on, all of those contaminants and mold spores are circulated around the house at once. You’re essentially giving yourself a very large dose of all of those particulates at the same time, which is when you tend to have allergy attacks or get sick.

The best way to deal with these contaminants is to use air filtration and purification systems. If you have concerns about your indoor air quality, contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide indoor air quality services throughout Westlake, OH. 

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