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Summer Allergies Getting You Down? Try a UV Air Purifier in Your Home

UV-air-purifierAmong the challenges homeowners face in the summer around here is an influx of mold, allergens, and other unwelcome contaminants. They can cause numerous problems, ranging from a general stale quality to the air to active illnesses being passed from one family member to another. Frequent rain and high humidity act as incubators for germs and contaminants of all varieties, and as hard as you work to keep them out of your home, you let more of them in every time you open your door.

Luckily, there’s a solution to all of that. A UV air purifier installed in your HVAC system provides a potent weapon against germs, bacteria, and other biological contaminants in your home. It can be installed easily by professional technicians and, provided you replace the bulb periodically, it should provide many long years of reliable use. Here’s how it works.

Ultraviolet Light Kills Germs

Most of us learned about ultraviolet light in science class while we were in school: a light that exists beyond our ability to see, but which we can feel anytime we go out into the sunlight. It’s what causes our skin to tan and burn, and at lower levels, it can be quite useful in a number of ways. (If you’ve ever seen your white clothes glowing in the dark at a rock concert or on a dark ride at an amusement park, that’s UV light in action. It’s interacting with trace elements of our laundry detergent on our clothes to create the effect.)

At those levels, UV light is quite harmless to human beings. It also won’t affect other multicellular life forms like household pets. Germs and single-celled organisms, however, have a much different response: the light either kills them outright or fuses their DNA,: preventing them from reproducing. That makes UV light an outstanding way to keep your home clean. The question becomes how best to deploy it.

The Apex of Your Ducts

Obviously, you can’t simply cover your home in UV lights to keep it safe from germs. You need a place where they can do the most amount of good on an ongoing basis while using the least amount of space. The apex to the ducts of your central air conditioning system makes the perfect spot. Your HVAC system cycles air through the entire home when it does its job, pushing the air it’s just cooled through the apex on its way to the various vents around your house.

The UV air purifier shines a line across the width of the ducts, such that no amount of air can escape passing through it. That sterilizes the air and scrubs it clean of germs, bacteria, and other unwelcome guests. It does so every time you turn on your AC, and will do the same thing with your furnace in the winter, ensuring constantly steady protection for your home at all times.

If you think a UV air purifier makes a good fit for your Westlake, OH home, call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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