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Keep Your Air Clean for Newborns


If you’re preparing to welcome a new addition to your family, life is likely pretty crazy for you right now. There are all kinds of preparations to be done, as well as health concerns for mother and child alike. In particular, you should look into ways to improve your indoor air quality, cutting down on dirt, germs and other contaminants in the baby’s new home. Here in Westlake, OH, you can call upon professional services to install or repair such devices for you, helping you to keep your air clean for newborns in your home. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of your options.

UV Air Purifiers

If sicknesses and colds are your primary concern, your best bet is a UV air purifier, which uses an ultraviolet lightbulb placed in your duct system to scrub the air clean as your heater or air conditioner runs. UV light is harmless to multicellular organisms like humans and household pets, but is absolutely lethal to germs and bacteria. As the air cycles through your system, germs pass through the light, which either kills them outright or sterilizes them so they cannot replicate. Either way, the air becomes cleaner and the risk of a cold or other illness befalling a family member drops.

Air Filters

More generalized cleaning, especially of dust and similar particles, comes from a simple air filter or an electronic air cleaner. The former is placed in your system to screen hair and other detritus, and should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis. The latter is more elaborate, but does a more comprehensive job of getting each and every little particle out of your air, reducing irritation to the lungs and helping your new child begin his or her life in a healthy way.

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