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Install UV Germicidal Lights This Winter

Fall has arrived in Westlake, OH, and winter won’t be too far behind. Now makes an excellent time to invest in some upgrades to your home, in order to better handle the cold months and enhance your family’s quality of life overall. Homeowners normally think about heat-related improvements such as insulation and heat recovery ventilators. But germ control, specifically with a UV germicidal light, can be a surprisingly potent addition to your arsenal. Installing UV germicidal lights this winter makes a lot of sense and with the help of a professional on your side, you can do so quickly and easily. Here’s how they can benefit you.

How They Work

Germicidal lights work by emitting a field of ultraviolet light across the width of your air ducts at the apex, near your heating and air conditioning system. The air in your home passes through that point as the system runs, meaning that the germicidal lights can affect the most amount of air for the least amount of coverage there. UV light is harmless to humans and pets in the ducts, but germs, bacteria and other unwelcome organizations are killed instantly when they touch it. More importantly, it prevents them from replicating, so once they’re dead, they stay gone.

Why This Matters in the Winter

UV germicidal lights are good investment not matter what the time or year, but they’re particularly important in the winter. Besides the fact that colds and viruses run rampant during the winter, we tend to button up our homes to stay insulated from the cold. All that stale air can recirculated and breed sickness and germs of all varieties. The UV light keeps a tight lid on all of that, making sure you and your family stay healthy without having to give up your home’s insulating properties.

For installation and repair on UV germicidal lights, call Westland Heating and Air today!

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