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Install a Humidifier This Winter

Winters in Westlake, OH mean cold air, but they also mean dry air, as falling temperatures pulls the moisture from our homes. The solution may be a whole-house humidifier, installed in your ducts and blowing vaporized moisture through the air. There are a number of benefits to doing so, and now is the time to act before the first snow starts falling. That way you can enjoy the benefits of the humidifier all winter. How does the system work and what kind of advantages does it provide? Read on for the answers.

Dry Air Causes Problems

As human beings, we’re most comfortable when relative humidity levels sit somewhere between 30% and 50%. When it drops below that, the air starts to pull moisture from our skin, leaving us feeling dry and itchy. Furthermore, our mucus membranes dry out, which make it easier to catch a cold or suffer from similar problems. Beyond our direct health and comfort, dry air can affect the furnishings of a home as it leaches moisture away. And the increase in static electricity leads to painful shocks when we walk through our homes, and in some cases can even damage electronic appliances.

The Solution

A humidifier is a fairly simple device: a wick which draws water from a reservoir and a fan blowing air across it and into your home via the ducts in your heating and air conditioning system. But with it, the problems of dry air vanish. Your home instantly becomes more comfortable, the health issues become a thing of the past, and your furnishings are protected no matter how dry the air gets. With regular maintenance, you can expect your humidifier to last you for many years, ensuring that dry winter air never bothers you again.

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