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Improving Home Energy Efficiency This Fall

AC Unit

Cool weather has arrived in Rocky River, OH, and with it comes increasing use of your heating system to stay warm. Hopefully, your heater is ready to go and can handle the long winter without a hitch. You can help it out a great deal by taking steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency. That way, the heater won’t have to work so hard to do its job: lowering your monthly bills and reducing the risk of a more serious breakdown to boot. In addition to common sense steps like setting your thermostat a little lower than you normally would and covering cracks in your door frame with weather stripping, you can look into the following additions to your home to help:

A Humidifier

Cold air means dry air, as falling temperatures cause the ambient moisture in the atmosphere to coalesce into liquid. In addition to creating chapped lips, leaving sinuses dried and vulnerable to colds, and static electricity creating those nasty shocks, dry air also makes it feel colder than it actually is, forcing your heater to work harder. A whole-house humidifier can restore that balance to the air, helping your heater do its job more effectively as a result.

Air Filtration Systems

Dust and dirt can be the bane of many heater’s existences. It can clog burners, stop up lines and wreak other kinds of havoc as well. An electronic air filter can get around that, eliminating dust and dirt in the air far better than any screen filter. As long as it’s cleaned out periodically, it can give you many years of support. The heater will function more effectively and be less prone to breakdowns, and to top it all off, your air will be cleaner and healthier.

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