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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Spring

Spring will be here in a few weeks, and with it comes an opportunity to give your HVAC system a thorough looking over. This can involve anything from routine servicing to a complete replacement. But in addition to handling those components that take care of temperature, you should pay attention to indoor air quality. Things like high humidity, dust, and germs in the air can affect your household atmosphere just as much as the temperature does. The timely installation of an indoor air quality device can make a huge difference. The precise device depends on your home’s needs, but we’ve provided a list of some options for you and your family to explore.

Humidity Levels

Human beings tend to feel the most comfortable when relative humidity levels sit somewhere between 30% and 50%. When it drops below that (as it usually does in the winter), your skin becomes dry and cracked, and illnesses can spread more quickly through your family. When it rises above that (as it usually does in summer), your skin feels clammy and gross, and your air conditioner is placed under extra strain.

The solution is a whole-house humidifier in the winter and a similar dehumidifier in the summer. They will keep those moisture levels regulated, leading to lower monthly bills and a reduced frequency of illnesses as well as a more comfortable home.


If germs are an issue in your family, consider the possibilities of installing a UV air purifier. Ultraviolet light is harmless to multicellular organisms like humans and pets, but will either kill germs and viruses outright, or render them incapable of replicating. By placing a UV air purifier at the apex of your heating and cooling ducts, they can scrub the air clean of germs as the system runs, helping your household breathe easier and live healthier lives. UV air purifiers have few moving parts, so they rarely run into mechanical difficulties, and as long as you replace the light bulbs when they burn out, they should provide you with many years of reliable service.

Dust and Dirt

HVAC systems usually come equipped with basic air filters, which help screen dust and dirt out of the air as the system runs. But they can get messy and need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. An electronic air filter, on the other hand, ionizes the dust particles, causing them to stick to the sides of a collection pan. The dust is removed from your home as the system runs. Electronic air filters don’t need to be replaced the way regular filters do—saving you money on maintenance—and because every particle is ionized, there’s no chance of the tiniest particles slipping through.

Now is the ideal time to install these devices. Your heater will likely be seeing less use and yet you won’t have need of your air conditioner the way you will in a few weeks.

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