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How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

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While maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is an important priority, it is not the only step you must take to ensure that your home is as comfortable as it can be. The relative humidity in your home also plays a major role in the overall comfort therein. If you notice that your air is hot and heavy, or if you see signs of moisture or condensation around the house, high humidity levels are likely to blame. A portable dehumidifier is not enough to provide a whole-house solution to your problem.

Call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning to speak with one of our Fairview Park dehumidifier specialists about the benefits of a whole-house dehumidifier.

A whole-house dehumidifier does not simply sit on a desk and reduce humidity in the room it resides in. Instead, it is installed directly into the HVAC system you use to keep your home comfortable. As part of the cooling process, your air conditioner actually dehumidifies air to a certain degree. This is not its primary function, though, and cannot be expected to work as an effective dehumidifier. A whole-house dehumidifier uses the same return ducts that your HVAC does. Air from throughout your home is pulled in, and excess moisture is removed before the air is recirculated to the different areas of your house.

Warm, humid air is drawn over cool coils within the dehumidifier. This causes the moisture in the air to form condensation, which will then drip into a collection pan. This condensation is drained away, and the dry air left behind is redistributed throughout the house. A great feature of whole-house dehumidifiers, despite their comprehensive performance levels, is that they can be operated in conjunction with your air conditioning system or on their own. This means that on milder days you do not have to run your AC just to dehumidify air.

To learn more about the way in which a whole-house dehumidifier operates, call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning.

We want to help you understand the various ways in which you can make your home a more comfortable living environment. Direct any questions you may have towards one of our Fairview Park dehumidifier technicians.

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