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How do UV Germicidal Lights Work?

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Fairview Park, OH residents always keep an eye on their home temperature levels, and trust their HVAC system to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But you can use that system in other ways as well as with addition of indoor air quality devices. For example, take a look at UV germicidal lights, which can be placed in the apex of your heating and cooling system where the conditioned air is blown into your ducts. Such a system could make for a happier and healthier household. Here’s how.

Ultraviolet Light Kills Germs

UV stands for ultraviolet, a wavelength of light that human beings can’t perceive. In sunlight, it’s what causes us to tan and burn. In smaller amounts, a UV lightbulb can make our white clothes glow in the dark, as it interacts with chemicals from our laundry detergent. UV light from a lightbulb is harmless to humans and pets. For germs and bacteria, however, it’s lethal. Exposing them to UV light can kill them instantly, removing the danger of illness they carry with them.

Where Can It Do the Most Good?

Obviously, it’s not practical to simply place a UV light in every corner of your home. Instead, the germicidal system places it where it can cycle through the most air in the least amount of time: at the apex of your ducts. The light stretches across the width of the duct in a sheet, forming an impenetrable barrier tighter than even the tightest screen can’t match. As the air blows in your heating or air conditioning cycle, it gets exposed to the UV light, killing any germs or bacteria in it instantly. The longer the system runs, the more germs are killed and the cleaner your household air becomes.

If a UV germicidal system sounds like a good fit for you, call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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