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How Do Air Purifiers Improve Your Air Conditioning?

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Here in Westlake, OH, we have more than high temperatures to worry about. Humidity levels can become unbearable in the summer, while dust, pollen and other troublesome materials can wreak havoc with our indoor comfort levels. If not kept in check, they can make life extremely difficult for your family, and can put the whammy on your air conditioner to boot. An air purifier system installed by professionals can solve a lot of those problems: not only by improving the quality of your air, but by helping your air conditioner perform at its peak as well. How do air purifiers improve your air conditioning system? Read on for the answers.

Dust and Dirt Are Removed

No one likes to see excessive dust in their home, which coats furnishings and leaves you coughing and choking when you inhale it. Air conditioners hate it even more. When it coats key components, it can increase the friction between them, raising the risk of a breakdown and forcing it to spend more energy to do its job. Dust on the evaporator array can interfere with the system’s ability to cool the air as well. An air filtration system such as an electronic air purifier can resolve all of that and help your system perform at its very best.

Humidity Goes Down

When the relative humidity is too high—and it often is here in Ohio—the air feels much hotter than it is, and mold and bacteria can breed in hidden corners. Air conditioners do a certain amount of dehumidification work simply by lowering the temperature of the air (which causes ambient moisture to form into droplets), but it’s not built for such activities and can seriously wear out if you’re not careful. A whole-house dehumidifier will help ease that burden, and let the AC unit do its job without adding to the strain.

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