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How a Furnace Can Affect Indoor Air Quality: A Westlake Furnace Tip

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When properly installed and professionally maintained a furnace is one of the most efficient, effective home heating options available. The professional heating technicians at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning have all the training and knowledge necessary to ensure that you get the high quality, safe operation you need from your furnace. We also understand that there are certain risks that are inherent when operating a furnace, which is why we take every precaution and safety measure necessary to ensure that your furnace is operating correctly.

One problem that furnaces can pose which many homeowners are unaware of is reduced indoor air quality. To be truly comfortable in your home you need the cleanest, purest air possible. Do not let the furnace in your Westlake home keep you warm at the expense of air quality. Here are a couple of ways in which furnaces can affect the indoor air quality in your home.

One potentially serious problem to consider when it comes to your furnace and indoor air quality is the possibility of back drafting and exposure to harmful gases including carbon monoxide. With a professional installation, great maintenance and a high quality CO detector you can expect a safe, reliable performance from your furnace. Anytime you are dealing with fuel and combustion, though, you must keep in mind the potential for such problems. Make sure that your ventilation is sufficient and properly installed, and be sure to contact a professional if you have any concerns about reduced air quality due to your furnace.

Another, more common way that furnaces may reduce indoor air quality is due to the fact that they use a forced air distribution system to heat your home. Forced air is a great way to circulate heated air throughout your home evenly and effectively. However, due to the fact that they blow air into the different rooms of your home they can also stir up dirt and debris in your home, causing these pollutants to go airborne. This can aggravate allergy or asthma symptoms and make for unpleasant air quality levels in general.

For more information about how your furnace may upset indoor air quality and what you can do to prevent and resolve these issues contact Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We are always happy to help make your home a safer, more comfortable place to live. Call today for more information.

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