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Here’s How to Beat Seasonal Illness With HVAC Products

When it comes to seasonal colds and allergies, it’s commonly believed that they’re just impossible to avoid. For the cold, you just know that it’s going to hit you eventually (but maybe you’ll get lucky this year and avoid it). And for those who have allergies, allergy season is just a part of life they have to deal with.

But it doesn’t always have to be so bleak. While we aren’t doctors and can’t give you medical advice, what we can do is offer some of the best indoor air quality products in the HVAC industry. We’ll explain how your indoor air quality in Avon, OH can be improved to help you fight off allergies and colds.


How are allergies caused in the first place? Simply by the presence of substances that can trigger allergies! These allergens—whether it’s dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, or something else—irritate the sinuses and nasal passages of some unfortunate individuals. If you or a family member have allergies, you know exactly what it’s like to see them suffering every year.

One way to prevent allergies from triggering, then, is simply to remove those allergens from the airspace. One way you can do that is by installing the right filters.

Mechanical Air Filters

These filters consist of a mesh or fiber screen that’s inserted into the HVAC duct system. All air in the home must pass through it eventually, and when it does, particles of certain sizes will get trapped in the filter. The higher quality the filter, the smaller the particles. For those suffering from allergies, the average air quality filter is enough to do the job.

Electronic Air Purifiers

If your air circulation demands a more precise filter, that’s when you might need an electronic air purifier. By charging the air with electricity, they can actively pull in allergens and other contaminants. The best approach is a combination of both air filters and air purifiers.


When it comes to colds, there are two main factors here: the viruses themselves, and your body’s ability to fight those viruses. With the right indoor air quality products, you can be covered on both bases.

UV Air Purifiers

The cousin of the electronic air purifier is the UV air purifier. The difference is that they come equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal light. Any microorganisms that get caught in its field of light will be eliminated, unable to reproduce and spread through your home.


When the air gets too dry, our sinuses are not able to work properly. That leaves them vulnerable to respiratory infections, including the seasonal cold viruses. Living and sleeping in a home with dry air isn’t just uncomfortable for your skin and throat; it can actually get you sick!

A whole-house humidifier will help get your home’s humidity back to comfortable levels, allowing your sinuses’ membrane to effectively fight off infection once again.

Tired of allergies and the cold? We can help with that. Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today to request an estimate on air quality product installation.

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