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Could You Use an Air Filtration System?

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So many homeowners think they don’t need an air filter or air purifier, but we don’t think they’re as right as they assume. Sure, your home might be an exception to the rule, but don’t count out an air filtration system just because you don’t know about the benefits it could provide.

The truth is, our homes are full of systems that produce toxic byproducts that enter our air. From wood-burning fireplaces, to stoves and ovens, even with our pets that are constantly shedding, our houses can become bogged down with thousands of contaminants and particulates that can become irritating and dangerous for our health. If this has become an increasing concern for you and your family, like it has for so many homeowners across the country, make sure to look into purchasing an air filtration system in Westlake, OH to combat the problem of poor air quality.

Combat Poor Air Quality

Whether you’re breathing pet dander or mold spores, there is a certain amount of particulates in your air that you can inhale before it becomes a problem. While one source might not be the sole contributor to a respiratory problem or asthma attack, these factors can combine into a nuisance over time that can seriously cause a detriment to your health.

The rate of pediatric asthma has increased by 73% as it’s one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States. This isn’t just from people in cities, this is from average homes being contaminated environments for children because of indoor air pollution! Whether it’s from second-hand smoke, dust, debris, mold, or allergens, all of these can combine to trigger asthma attacks and lower the quality of life for anyone with a sensitive respiratory problem.

So how does an air filtration system help?

Filter Out Particulates in the Air

Air filtration systems can easily remove particulates from your air that can trigger asthma attacks. These includes dust, pet dander, allergens, mold spores, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke, and much more. These can be the most irritating to those with respiratory problems, since they can exist in every home and be microscopic.

Reduce Long-Term Health Effects

Lung disease, mesothelioma, and problems with mold often don’t make you sick immediately. These conditions worsen over time, and it can take years of breathing in the same polluted air to show any signs that they’ve been impacting your health. Having an air filtration system installed in your home can be a silent yet effective way to lower your risk for lung disease and other similar conditions. This can be especially important for the elderly, children, people with compromised immune systems, and those less resilient to diseases.

We know what you’re thinking. “I’m pretty sure the air in my home is clean, I haven’t dealt with any negative health impacts.” While you might be right, and we certainly hope you are, do you know for certain how healthy your air quality is? An air filtration system is a surefire way to make absolutely sure that your home is as healthy as can be for guests, children, and anyone who wants to breathe easily.

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