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Your Furnace Should Never Make These Noises

There are sounds all around us. Many people actually enjoy the ambient noises of machines, like a laundry system or television that’s on. There are even whole businesses and websites devoted to providing ambient sounds for people who are trying to work, read, sleep, or even do chores around the house. We’re not saying that noises are bad, only that certain noises are.

For instance, the grinding that comes from your car when it needs maintenance is not a good noise to hear. Or the sound of an alarm going off in a home gives people anxiety. These are sounds that warn us something is not right and needs to be fixed.

So, let’s talk about the sounds that your furnace might make, and why they’re good reasons to quickly call for heater repair in Rocky River, OH. Then, we can work hard to get your heating system fixed up and ready to go.

7 Noises That Signal an Imminent Repair

There are countless noises that your heating system can make, but some of them are more common than others. Today, we’d like to focus mainly on the seven most common that we see, and ones that are easily detectable to our customers. Then, once you think you’ve got a problem with your furnace, you can quickly call our hotline for support.

  • Booming. A booming furnace is not good and it’s usually a sign that there’s a problem. Over time, the gas injectors and ignition system can get clogged up with soot and grime, affecting the combustion process that occurs in a gas furnace. This is amounting to a small miniature explosion which produces a booming sound. This problem will get worse over time and can lead to some safety concerns if it’s not fixed.
  • Shaking. This is a common sound but one that’s still not very good to hear. Shaking can usually be heard from a misaligned component, like a blower fan that’s rummaging around trying to push the air through your air vents. When hearing this, you should shut your system down and call for support before something else breaks.
  • Rattling. Rattling can be the sound of a loose screw or component. Sometimes, smaller components can break free and rattle around the inside of the system causing problems.
  • Banging or Clanging. Banging or clanging can be the sound of a larger component that’s gotten loose inside the furnace system. This can get even worse over time as the component rubs up against others.
  • Buzzing. A buzzing furnace is usually running into electrical problems, like a tripped circuit or an electrical ignition that’s malfunctioning. Buzzing can also be related to other problems, like a broken blower motor.
  • Clicking. Your furnace turns on and off with a signal from the thermostat that expresses itself as a “click.” Multiple clicking sounds can be a problem with this signal, or something worse like a crack in your system’s heat exchanger. Be sure to call for support when hearing this.
  • Nothing. If your furnace is dead silent and there’s no heat coming from it, then that’s a problem as well! Your furnace should make some kind of sound as it gently works to heat your home. Be sure to call for help ASAP if you encounter a completely silent system.

Contact the pros at Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for help with your malfunctioning furnace.

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