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Why Should I Schedule Fall Maintenance on My HVAC System?

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Autumn makes an ideal season to get both your heater and your air conditioner serviced from a qualified professional. The weather here in Westlake, OH has gotten cool, but still not cold enough to demand your heater run every day. A routine maintenance service session can help your air conditioner wind down while ensuring that your heater is ready to go. But there’s more than that, and if you’re interested in getting the most out of your system, you should schedule a session at least once or twice a year. Why? We’ve laid out some of the most compelling reasons below.

It Catches Repair Issues Early

Most homeowners don’t inspect their system looking for growing issues, and probably wouldn’t be able to spot the signs without more formal training. But a professional technician knows exactly what to look for, and a maintenance session gives him or her the ideal opportunity to spot potential repair issues when they can still be treated quickly and inexpensively. You can then schedule a repair session to handle them before they get out of hand.

It Improves Efficiency

By clearing out clogged lines, cleaning dirty components, tightening loose bolts and screws, and similar touches, the technician helps prevent wasted energy. That means a more efficient system which saves you money on those pesky monthly bills: lowing the overall cost of running the system and helping to offset the cost of the maintenance visit.

It Extends the Life of Your System

With regular maintenance sessions over time, the normal wear and tear that can grind down your HVAC system is mitigated. As a result, it will last longer than it otherwise would before needing to be replaced: by months or even years in some cases.

Contact Westland Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule a maintenance session on your HVAC system.

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