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Why Isn’t My Furnace Blowing Warm Air?

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Fall has arrived here in Westlake, OH, and with the turning leaves and cooler weather comes an increased need for your heating system. It can be quite a shock to turn on your heater for the first time in months, only to find that the air isn’t as hot as you recall, or worse—that there’s no hot air at all. The good news is that a lack of hot air can usually be traced to a specific problem that trained technicians knows how to identify and correct. The bad news is that you need to move on such a problem now, before the weather gets any colder and you’ll need your heater to keep your household warm and safe. Here are a few causes of a lack of warm air that you should watch out for.

A Breach in Your Ducts

Your ducts travel through the attic and crawlspaces of your home, carrying heated air from your furnace (and cool air from your air conditioner in the summertime) to every room and section. If a breach has been created in those ducts, it will suck out the hot air or bring in cool air from outside the system, both of which will dilute the air created by your heater.

Clogged Burners

The burners are responsible for providing the flames that heat the air. If one of more of them has become clogged—which isn’t at all uncommon at the end of a long summer season—then your heating system is apt to be less effective. A good technician should be able to clean off your burner heads quickly and efficiently.

Problems with the Gas Line

Modern furnaces have safety features that shut off the flow of gas if there’s a leak or similar danger. But a partial clog or the like may let some gas flow without the full flow you need for your heater to function as it should.

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