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Why Businesses Use Rooftop HVAC Units

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You can see rooftop HVAC units on top of most businesses, whether they exist as stand-alone buildings or part of a larger complex like a mall. Here in Fairview Park, rooftop units remain a very popular option for business owners hoping to condition their air cheaply and efficiently. But that doesn’t explain why rooftop units are so popular with businesses, or what kinds of advantages they provide. It can be particularly perplexing since rooftop units still use the same basic system operated in most homes. Here’s a brief rundown of why businesses use rooftop units.

It boils down to two basic factors: space and flexibility. Unlike residences, which usually have back yards to set their HVAC systems, business place space at a premium. Any spot taken up by the heating system is a spot that can’t be used for another purpose: anything from storage to extra parking space. Add to that the fact that many businesses use high story buildings – which require a lot of energy to push cool air to the upper stories – and placement on the roof starts to make a lot of sense.

Then there’s the question of flexibility. Rooftop HVAC systems tend to use a set size capable of heating or cooling a certain specific amount of space. If the system is too small, it’s not going to do the job. That’s rarely a problem, however, because Rooftop systems are designed to be modular. That is, you can add more units quickly and easily in order to support every part of the building in question. That modular aspect helps you better treat the needs of different businesses occupying the same building, as well as tracking which businesses use more heating in the winter.

The combination of those two factors makes rooftop HVAC units very attractive to most businesses. Rooftop units can be assembled and installed by the Fairview Park rooftop units specialists at Westland Heat and Air Conditioning. We can discuss your options with you beforehand, then conduct the installation with courtesy and care. Pick up the phone to make an appointment. You’ll be glad that you did!

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