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What Makes Radiant Heating Systems Right for Me?

This winter is expected to be one of the coldest on record here in Westlake, OH, and if you’re looking for a new heating system, now is the time to act. But in your deliberations, don’t overlook an alternative model to the boilers and forced-air furnaces that most people have in their homes. Radiant heating systems, in particular, offer a number of benefits that could improve certain homes a great deal. These systems warm the room through coils or tubes beneath the floorboards, channeling heat directly through the floors and into feet and furnishings.

That can cost a bit to install, since it involves a lot of effort, and not every home can enjoy the benefits sufficiently to prosper from them. But it does grant you a great deal in return, including:

Lower Bills

Radiant heating doesn’t need a lot of energy to run, usually just a little electricity. That means they tend to cost less in monthly bills when compared to comparable systems. And because most of the components are located safely under the floor, they’re less prone to damage than other systems.

No Breezes

Forced-air furnaces are inexpensive and effective, but they have a habit of circulating dust, germs and similar unwanted elements in your home, as well as creating cross-breezes and cold spots. Radiant heating eliminates all of that, which can benefit any home, but particularly those homes with sensitive family members such as infants.


If you live off the grid, then you might not have access to gas lines and other fuel sources that other heating systems rely on. Most radiant systems run on electricity, meaning that you can use them in rural homes as well as urban ones.

If you think a radiant system might be a good fit, or you already own one and you need to have it serviced, call Westland Heating & Air today!

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