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Westlake Heating Question: What is a Heat Exchanger?

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All home comfort system installations should be handled by qualified professionals, as should any necessary maintenance and repair services. But every homeowner can benefit by having a basic understanding of some of the components that make up their heating and air conditioning systems. At Westland Heating and Air Conditioning, we like to keep our clients well informed. Here is some information about heat exchangers for you to review.

A heat exchanger is basically a device that allows for the transfer of heat from one liquid to another. You can find heat exchangers in your heaters, air conditioners, refrigeration equipment and even in your refrigerator. These devices may use water, steam or refrigerant as the heat exchange fluid. There are many different types of heat exchangers, but they all perform a very similar function of heat transfer between two liquid sources.

Take, for example, the operation of an air conditioner. The liquid refrigerant in the outdoor unit is sent through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the surrounding air, and this turns the liquid into a gas. The gas absorbs heat from the air as it is pulled through the system, leaving behind cooled air. During heating the process is reversed, and heat from the gas is simply put into the air being dispersed throughout your home.

We hope that this information has given you some idea about how the heat exchanger that you depend on for your comfort and convenience works. If you have any further questions about the operation of your heat exchanger, contact the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We are always happy to help our customers in Westlake, OH better understand how their heating and air conditioning systems work.

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