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Troubleshooting Airflow Issues in Furnaces

blue-question-markYour furnace has one job: to blow out hot air. So, if it’s not even doing that properly, then you have an issue on your hands.

Okay, maybe you didn’t need an HVAC technician to tell you that a broken furnace is a problem. We’ll take it a step further, then, by giving you some ideas on why it may not be working.

Of course, diagnosing a furnace isn’t something we can accurately do through a blog post. If at any point during your inspection you find yourself in over your head or are uncertain about what you’re doing, don’t hesitate to call us up for an expert opinion. We can walk you through some basic troubleshooting issues or offer to come over if necessary.

With that being said, airflow issues in furnaces might be caused by:

A Dirty Air Filter

This is one of the easiest fixes for several kinds of furnace issues, airflow issues included. The air filter needs to be changed out roughly every 3 months, but it can be even less than that depending on your home.

A dirty air filter can become so clogged that the air has a hard time getting through. This restricts airflow and can give your furnace less air to work with. That can manifest as overheating, flame rollout and, of course, a general lack of warm air coming from the vents.

If changing the air filter doesn’t fix your problem, it’s best to call in for furnace repair in North Olmsted, OH.

Short Cycling

While not quite an airflow issue, short cycling can certainly give off that impression. This is what happens when the furnace goes through cycles way too quickly. Instead of blowing out hot air through long, gradual heating cycles, the furnace will be turning on and off sporadically. It will sound like the furnace is working extra hard, but there won’t be much of a stream of air coming from the vents.

Likewise, this makes it extremely difficult for the furnace to heat your home and puts excessive stress on all the parts.

Broken Blower Motor

The blower is the fan and motor that blows the hot air out of the furnace and into your ductwork. If the blower stops working, that air will have nowhere to go. That’s going to result in a few things:

  • No air blowing from the vents, meaning no heating.
  • The furnace can overheat and, if the limit switch is malfunctioning, cause the furnace to shut down.
  • There may also be a loud noise, depending on how exactly the blower is malfunctioning.

Startup Issues

And sometimes, it might not be an airflow issue at all… It could simply be that the furnace is refusing to start!

The most common reason for startup issues is due to neglecting maintenance. During a maintenance check, the HVAC tech will inspect all of the electrical and mechanical components responsible for starting the furnace. They’ll also clean off any dirt or soot and make sure the parts are operating smoothly. If this work isn’t performed on a regular basis, it can be enough to stop the furnace from starting.

Need help getting to the bottom of your furnace issues? Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today to speak with an expert.

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