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The Principles Behind Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating is actually a very old concept, going back to the 14th Century. We have more modern ways of dealing with it today, of course, and here in the 21t Century, geothermal heating can be used as a viable alternative to gas furnaces for heating your home. Indeed here in, Westlake, geothermal heating makes a lot of sense, both in terms of its efficient means of warming your home and in the reduced environmental impact it makes in comparison to boilers and gas furnaces. The principles behind geothermal heating are what makes it all work.

It starts with a physical constant: once you further down than a few feet, the temperature of the earth remains constant. No matter what the temperature is like outside, it won’t impact the ground itself past the first few feet of topsoil. That constant allows the right system to facilitate a heat exchange: pulling heat from the earth or returning heat to the earth, depending upon your needs.

That’s where the geothermal heating system comes in. It buries a series of looping coils into the ground, below the frost line and well past the point where the surface temperature can affect them. It then pumps a mixture of water and antifreeze through the tubes, which facilitates the transfer with the earth: pulling in the heat and transferring it back to your home. The remainder of the system then transfers the heat from the mixture to the air, and blows it into your home via a fan or motor.

Because it doesn’t have to create any heat – merely transfer it form the ground into your home – it takes far less energy to operate than other forms of heating. And because the bulk of the system lies safely underground (and features no moving parts in those sections), it’s much less prone to breakdowns and repairs. Geothermal heating and other heating system services in Westlake is offered by the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We understand the principles behind geothermal heating and our staff has considerable experience with their installation and maintenance. Call us today for a consultation and we’ll help you decide on the best heating for you.

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