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Save Money by Troubleshooting Problems with Your Heating System

Every heating repair company charges a flat rate to come out and look at your system, and we believe it’s fair to charge a reasonable rate for our time. But we’re also committed to giving our customers their money’s worth, and we hate coming out to handle an issue that the homeowner could handle swiftly and effectively on their own.

Generally speaking, you should always err on the side of caution when it comes to a breakdown with your heating system. Our winters are chilly here in Bay Village, OH, and the sooner you can treat a serious problem, the better. But first, you need to determine how serious the problem is. A little troubleshooting before you call can end up saving you a great deal. Here as some key steps you should always take.

  1. Make sure there is electricity running to the heater. An external power surge could trigger the breaker switch, in which case you need only reset the switch to fix the problem. If the breaker switch gets triggered again, the problem likely lies inside the heater and a repair technician will be necessary.
  2. Check the thermostats. Thermostats rarely break down, but if yours is more than a decade old, such a thing is possible. It might also have run out of battery power (if it’s not powered by your home’s electrical grid), or someone might have inadvertently altered the settings. A little check can avoid a big cost in many cases.
  3. Make sure the filter is clean and the vents are open. Closed vents and dirty filters can restrict the flow of air through the heater, leaving hot air in the system and running the risk of an overload. If more than 20% of the vents in your home are closed, open them and see if that fixes the problem. Similarly, a dirty filter can be corrected easily just by purchasing one at a local home improvement center.

If troubleshooting doesn’t work, turn off your furnace and call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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