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Radiant Heating Systems May Be a Good Fit for You

New Furnace

Fall has arrived here in Westlake, OH and winter won’t be too far behind. Households interested in a new heating system would do well to make plans now, when the weather hasn’t gotten too cold and you can schedule a new installation without requiring the use of a heater. And if a centralized system doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to consider an alternative form of heating. 

Radiant heating, for instance, makes a good option for many homes, and while the initial cost of installation is higher than it would be for a forced-air furnace, there are a number of benefits you gain in exchange.

How Does It Work?

A radiant heating system is reasonably simple: just a series of tubes or coils installed in the floorboards underneath your home. Heated water or similar liquids are then pumped through. The heat moves directly into the soles of your shoes and the furnishings: warming you directly, but very gently, instead of heating the air like centralized furnaces do.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of the system include the following:

  • Lower monthly bills, stemming from the fact that radiant systems don’t need as much energy to work as other types of heating.
  • Reduced risk of breakdown, since the bulk of the system is under the floorboards where it can’t be damaged.
  • Reduced risk of illness, since there’s no breeze or air flow to push germs through the home.
  • No more cold spots or drafts in general.
  • Extended longevity, meaning that you can expect to enjoy your radiant heating system for many years to come.

Radiant heating systems work best in specific homes, and yours might not be a great fit. if it is, however, it’s something to consider very carefully. Contact the professionals at Westland Heating and Air to learn more about it!

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