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Problems with a Lack of Air Flow in Your Furnace

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As winter continues into 2016, your heater is going to be called upon more and more often to do the job. Westlake, OH has some long, cold months ahead of it, and the sooner you can spot any issues with your heating system, the better you’ll be able to respond. One of the most common signs of a problem with your furnace is the lack of air flow moving through your vents. It can be caused by anything from blockage in the vents to a damaged fan motor, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal, at least in the surface. In reality, however, it can create a huge number of problems, many of which can result in major repair bills. The problem needs to be addressed promptly.

Bills Will Go Up

Air flow is the means your furnace has of warming your whole house: first generating the hot air and then circulating it with help from a fan. If that process is compromised—if your system isn’t circulating the air sufficiently quickly—then the system needs to expend more energy to do its job. This means that your monthly bills will go up as well, costing you more to keep the system running without any additional benefits.

Repairs Will Be Larger

Similarly, a system that is working harder is putting its components under greater strain and stress. That means there’s a much greater chance of a breakdown, requiring an expensive repair. This is compounded by the fact that low air flow means that the air inside the furnace is much hotter than normal, and can damage components if you’re not careful. The good news is that safety features will shut the furnace down in many cases. The bad news is you’ll still have to get the problem addressed before you can reliably turn the system on again.

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