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Options to Consider for Your New Heating Installation

Heating Installation

As it gets colder the closer we move toward winter, you’ll definitely need a reliable heating system. There are numerous options for new heating installation in Westlake, OH, each designed to fit different homeowner needs. We’ll take a look at several of these choices. Whether you’re inclined to stick to a tried-and-true furnace or you’re interested in the eco-friendly possibilities of a heat pump, we’ve got you covered.


Furnaces are the standard for heating systems and have been for many decades: they’ve stood the test of time as reliable, cost-effective heating options. With advancements in technology, modern furnaces offer increased energy efficiency and the choice between several different fuel options (mainly natural gas and electricity). Their ability to evenly distribute warmth throughout your home makes them good standbys, and if you already have a furnace, it’s a simple installation job for professionals to replace it with a new one.

Heat Pumps

Looking for a more eco-friendly solution? Heat pumps can provide the right amount of heat combined with energy efficiency you won’t find from many other heaters. Heat pumps work through a process of moving heat from one place to another, which allows them to operate as both heating and cooling systems. They also have a smaller environmental impact than standard furnaces.


Boilers use water or steam to heat a home and create a cozy and consistent temperature. The radiant heat they emit warms a home without the need for forced-air (like furnaces and heat pumps), resulting in cozier comfort and almost no noise. They can also outlast forced-air systems, sometimes lasting for more than 20 years.

Radiant Heaters

These systems operate by radiating heat directly to objects and surfaces in a room, creating warmth that’s similar to the feeling of the heat of the sun. Radiant heaters come in a variety of options like radiant floor heating or radiant panels.

Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal systems draw their heat from the warmth coming from the earth. By using the stable temperatures found beneath the earth’s surface, these systems offer an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for heating and cooling. While the upfront costs for may be higher, the long-term savings and eco-friendly benefits make geothermal systems a sustainable choice for your heating installation.

Rely on the Experts

You might still feel confused about what type of heating system is your ideal choice for a new installation. You don’t need to worry: you have access to the best experts when you call us. We serve the Northern Ohio region and understand the heating demands placed on homes during the winter. We’ll work closely with you to find the heating system that matches your home, your comfort needs, and your budget.

Contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing today! We can help you find the best option for whatever your heating needs are.

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