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Keep Your Furnace Safe and Operational With Maintenance

technician-overlooking-gas-furnaceOne question we want to answer is whether there’s such a thing as too much maintenance. The answer is certainly “yes!”

To keep your heater or air conditioner in good shape, you only need to have it checked once a year. So, if your heater and AC are two separate systems (i.e. not a heat pump), then you’ll actually be scheduling maintenance two times in the year.

On this note, we want to talk specifically about why gas furnace maintenance is not the maintenance you want to skip. In addition to some operational issues, neglected maintenance can also bring about safety hazards.

Operational Issues

Like any machine, your gas furnace in Avon Lake, OH needs maintenance to keep running efficiently. Without it, you invite the risk of various operational issues. Not only will that prevent your home from becoming comfortable in the winter, but it can raise your heating bill.

Lack of airflow

The furnace is on, but you can’t feel any warm air coming from the vents. This could be due to an airflow issue, such as a broken blower fan, duct leaks, an obstruction in the vents, or an air filter in need of changing.

Short cycling

Is your furnace rapidly turning on and off? This is called short cycling, and it will take substantially longer to heat your home this way—in addition to all the stress it puts on the furnace’s components. If your furnace suddenly begins short-cycling, it’s most likely due to a maintenance issue.

Not starting

Does the furnace simply refuse to start up? It could be anything from an electrical issue to a problem with the heating components, such as dirty gas burners or igniters.

Safety Hazards

Aside from the operational issues, a lack of maintenance can also bring about some safety hazards. This is simply due to the fact that natural gas is a flammable substance, so it can present danger if the furnace is not properly maintained. As long as you do that, you won’t have to worry about any of these hazards.

Carbon monoxide leaks

This poisonous gas is a potential risk when dealing with any gas appliance. In addition to fortifying your home with carbon monoxide detectors, you can prevent them by getting maintenance for your furnace. Common causes are cracked heat exchangers and clogged or broken flue pipes.

Gas leaks

If your gas lines are damaged, or if a part of your gas furnace is malfunctioning, you may encounter a gas leak. You can recognize one easily if you smell the distinct odor of rotten eggs.

House fires

Gas furnaces require oxygen in order to combust natural gas into heated air. If any issue in the furnace prevents that flow of oxygen, it can turn into a risk of a fire hazard. Regular maintenance will ensure that your furnace is clear of any such issue.

Has it been a while since you’ve had your furnace looked over? Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your maintenance.

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