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It’s Time to Replace Your Oil Heater

There have been a lot of changes to our energy and heating grid in the past twenty years. Now, when you tell homeowners that their heating system runs on oil, they might reasonably get upset about the implications of this kind of fuel source. Oil prices fluctuate drastically, and since here in the United States we import a lot of our oil, it can depend on international events and markets.

Basically, oil heating systems can be a hassle and there are a few great reasons why homeowners are starting to switch from oil-fueled boilers. Especially when looking for a new boiler system, a gas boiler installation in Avon, OH is reliable when done by a professional. We regularly work with homeowners to switch from their oil heating systems to natural gas systems.

Let’s talk about why a natural gas-powered boiler is a preferable choice in most situations.

What’s Wrong With Oil Heating Systems?

There’s nothing wrong with preferring an oil heating system over a natural gas-powered one! However, you should be informed of the major differences between the two and be prepared to pay more for things like utility bills and repairs down the line if you invest in an oil-fueled boiler or furnace. Let us explain.

  • Oil systems are bulky. Usually, homeowners can recognize an oil-powered system because it comes with a large, bulky oil drum that needs to contain the oil. This can be a problem when trying to finish a crawlspace or basement where the oil drum is.
  • Oil needs to be delivered. Nothing can feel worse than waiting in a cold house for an oil delivery. This is a major reason why homeowners are starting to switch away from oil.
  • Oil is usually imported and dependant on international markets. It can be frustrating to see the oil market become extremely expensive on an off year when investing in a new heating system. Natural gas and electricity prices just don’t fluctuate like oil prices.

The Perks of a Natural Gas System

Need an alternative to an oil heating system? Try a system that uses natural gas for the following reasons:

  • Natural gas is refined domestically and locally. Natural gas is almost exclusively produced by local municipalities in the case of heating systems. This is great if you’re trying to support your local community.
  • Natural gas lines don’t require delivery. Tired of oil deliveries? We’re happy to tell you that natural gas doesn’t require delivery, as long as you have access to a natural gas line.
  • Natural gas is clean burning. Natural gas is clean burning, efficient, and it’s not as hazardous as some other fuel sources.
  • These systems are small and sleek. Say goodbye to your giant oil drum and hello to a sleek gas-powered boiler or furnace!

Which Should You Choose for Your Boiler?

When investing in a boiler system, it’s important to choose technology that’s going to last and be easy to maintain for decades to come. Our team can provide you with expert gas-powered boiler installations today, all you need to do is just get in touch with us!

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for boiler installation services you can count on!

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