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It’s Heater Maintenance Month!

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Welcome to October! For many people, this month takes the trophy as the best month of the year. With sweet treats and apple cider, horror movies playing on repeat, and some of the coolest costumes you might ever see, this has to be the most exciting month of the year. For everyone who thinks like that, welcome to another spooky season!

However, one way we’d like to haunt our customers is by providing a friendly reminder that heater maintenance in Rocky River, OH is a great service that will go a long way if it’s invested in now. Heater maintenance is one of the most valuable services you can purchase, improving your heater’s efficiency and also helping to make it perform more effectively. If you’re looking to keep your home warm and cozy this fall, this service should be at the top of the list!

Why Heating Maintenance

Before you invest in heating maintenance, you should probably be aware of what it actually is.

Heating maintenance is a routine service where a professional takes a close look at your heating system every year. With a thorough inspection, a pro can then take the time to make small adjustments, repairs, and even run tests to ensure that the system is running optimally. This includes things like lubricating ball bearings, testing the efficiency and the system’s output, and even replacing small components like screws.

Heating maintenance is valuable because it’s a preventive service. It helps keep your system from breaking down or encountering repairs, while also helping it run efficiently. With maintenance every year, it becomes easier to spot repair needs in the future.

And Why Now?

Well, that’s easy! Maintenance is best done in the fall because the heating season is right ahead. This gives you the green light before you’re in charge of keeping your home heated during the coldest months of the year.

Also, our schedules are a lot more open during the fall, since we’re not getting many calls for broken-down heaters that need immediate repairs. With mild temperatures, we’ve got time to provide thorough maintenance to customers who are looking ahead.

3 Benefits to Maintenance

Not convinced? Here are three great reasons to invest in heater maintenance, and how you can benefit from each one.

  • Efficiency. A well-maintained heating system will run more efficiently than one that’s left alone. This means it will consume less fuel or electricity while doing the same job its always done.
  • Output. A heater that undergoes heating maintenance will produce better results. We’re talking about warmer temperatures and an overall cozier home.
  • Peace of Mind. It feels a lot better going into a cold winter season knowing that a system has been maintained by a professional. And sometimes being a part of a heating maintenance club comes with its own unique perks and benefits.

Basically, maintenance is a requirement for everyone who is looking at the long-term future of their home comfort and their HVAC system. Yearly maintenance is the first step toward getting the most out of your technology.

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