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Is Your Heating System Ready to Go?

heater-comfortable-homeWe’re still experiencing high temperatures on a regular basis, but with the approach of Labor Day, it’s time to look forward to the fall, when your air conditioner can have a rest and your heating system will be counted on to keep your home comfortable. Now is an excellent time to make sure the heater is ready to go, so that you don’t encounter any serious issues when you need it to perform.

Check for Signs of Trouble

Every home owner should find a cool evening to run their heater during the next few weeks and look for signs of any serious problems that may interfere with its ability to do its job when you need it to. Generally speaking, any sign that the system is functioning differently than you’re accustomed to is grounds for summoning a repair service. More specifically, look for any of the following:

  • Strange noises, such as clangs, hums or groans, which usually start and stop with the starting and stopping of the heater itself.
  • Reduced heat levels, or heat that isn’t quite as warm as you were expecting. This often means a problem with the burners, but can also mean a breach in the ducts or a problem with the vent.
  • Reduced air flow, which slows the rate which your heater can warm the home. It can be caused by clogged filters, problems with the fan mechanism or a breach in the ducts.
  • Short cycling, or turning on and off rapidly throughout the day without ever getting your home warm.

When you spot these issues, turn off the system and call for a repair service immediately.

Maintenance Helps

Alternately, you could simply schedule regular maintenance from a trained technician, which lends the power of professional expertise to the equation. Maintenance gives the technician a chance to check the system thoroughly and note signs of any more serious problems. It also lets the technician fix any little problems that wouldn’t require a repair call on their own: things like loose bolts which need tightening, or lubrication of moving parts.

Not only does this let you catch any repair issues before they shut your system down, but by fixing those little issues, it helps your heating system perform more efficiently: cutting down on those monthly bills and helping reduce the risk of breakdowns in the future.

Why Maintenance Now?

Late summer and early fall is the perfect opportunity to make such checks and adjustments. You don’t need your heating system yet, and it will be at least a few more weeks before it gets cool enough to run on a regular basis. That gives you the time to deal with any repair issues at your leisure, instead of having to scramble in the face of an unexpected breakdown just when you need your heating system to function the most.

For heating maintenance and repair calls in the Bay Village, OH area, trust the team at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning to do the job the right way every time.

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