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Is Your Heater Ready to Be Replaced?

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With temperatures cooling throughout September here in Rocky River, OH, the time has come to give your heater a thorough look and determine whether or not it’s up to handling another cold winter. If you’re confident that you can get through to the spring with it, then you’re likely in good shape. If there’s cause for concern, however, then now is the time to make the decision to replace your heater, instead of waiting for trouble to arrive in the middle of the winter. Why now, and how can you make that determination? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Is My Heater Ready to Be Replaced?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t worry about replacing your heater until the warranty has expired, and with regular servicing throughout its life, you can extend that period by months or even years. Once that warranty goes, however, you need to pay careful attention to how much your heater is costing you. That comes in two specific forms:

  1. Repairs: Repair calls can be large or small, but they tend to get more frequent the older your system becomes. The tipping point may come when multiple repair jobs pile up one after the other, or it may be one single repair job that costs more than you think the system is worth. Either way, you should assess their frequency and costs over last heating season, and assume that similar costs will be incurred this year. If that’s too much, you should seriously consider a replacement.
  2. Monthly Costs: An old heater doesn’t need to suffer a breakdown in order to become too expensive to run. If your monthly costs keep going up, there may come a point when your budget may break, or the heater just becomes too expensive to run. A new heater will invariably be more efficient than the old one, and thus take a big bite out of those costs.

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