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Is a Heat Pump a Good Replacement for a Furnace?

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When it’s finally time to replace your old furnace, you may be curious about some alternative heating options for your home. Heat pumps, like furnaces, rely on ductwork to distribute warm air to the home. However, heat pumps have one key energy-saving difference; unlike furnaces, they don’t actually generate any heat. But will a heat pump be a good investment for your home, or should you stick with a furnace?

The answer, of course, depends on your home and your preferences. Sometimes, a heat pump is the best option for you, even if your neighbors may feel they are better off with a gas furnace. Both systems have their advantages and drawbacks. But if you’re looking into heat pumps as a heating option for the first time, you may be curious about some of their unique features. Let’s have a look:

  • High Efficiency: Heat pumps are very efficient systems because they don’t generate heat like furnaces do; they only move it from place to place. Heat pumps have their own rating system for heating efficiency, the HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), and a technician can help you find a heat pump with a high HSPF that is also sized accurately for your home, for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Heating and Cooling: Many people choose to install heat pumps because they are efficient for both heating and cooling. Heat pumps work using a refrigeration cycle just like other central air conditioners. Like traditional air conditioners, heat pumps use refrigerant move heat from the inside to the outdoors. The key difference is that heat pumps can also move heat from the outdoors to the inside in the cooling season.

However, these advantages may not make a difference for every home. If you are replacing a furnace, but your air conditioning system still works perfectly fine, you may not choose to replace both with a heat pump. And while heat pumps are an efficient source of heat, your technician may still recommend a supplementary heating source for extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the cost of operation varies from town to town. You’ll have to consider the cost of electricity versus the cost of gas in your area to decide if running a heat pump will save you enough money over time. However, some people may be more worried about environmental concerns than the cost of operation.

Every home will have different needs when it comes to choosing a new heating system. To talk to a professional technician about heat pump installation or replacement in Bay Village, call one of our friendly experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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