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Is a Ductless System a Good Fit for My Home?

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If you’re in the market for a new heater or air conditioner here in Westlake, OH, you may have taken a look at a ductless system. They stand in marked contrast to traditional centralized systems, which generate the hot or cool air in one spot, then use a system of ducts to move the air through your home. Ductless systems, on the other hand, use a number of multiple separate units spaced throughout your home, each one charged with heating or cooling one room or section. They cost more to install than regular centralized systems and not every home in the area can benefit from them. For those that can, however, they can prove to be the answer to a whole lot of problems.

Improved Monthly Savings

In the first place, ductless systems tend to cost less to run than centralized systems. You only need to turn on those units heating or cooling the homes you’re occupying, after all, and can leave the rest turned off: saving money in monthly costs and reducing the wear and tear on the system overall. This tends to work better in larger houses than in smaller ones. Smaller homes don’t need as much work to heat and won’t benefit as much from the division of labor involved in a ductless system.

No Ducts

Beyond the savings involved, a ductless system offers a viable alternative to homes that simply can’t support a system of ducts, either because their crawlspaces aren’t set up for it or because the process of installing ductwork may be too costly or difficult. With a ductless system, you still get comprehensive coverage for your entire home, but can do so with much less effort and hassle than trying to fit a system of ducts into a home that just isn’t built for it.

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