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How Valuable Is Boiler Maintenance?

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Ah, boilers. Boiling water to heat a home is a process that goes back millennia. The ancient Romans used to boil water from the aqueducts and heat their homes with steam during the winter. Water is actually very efficient at holding heat and making us feel comfortable during the coldest winters. It’s considered “radiant heating,” because it radiates through walls and floors, making us feel warm to the core, instead of heating our home’s air.

However, boilers can only be reliable if they’re maintained properly. A neglected boiler will often be noisy, leave cold spots in your home, and likely run up your heating bill to a point that’s unacceptable. When it comes to heating systems, from boilers and furnaces, there’s no best system. Rather, the system that’s taken care of the most and that fits right in is going to be the one that runs the best.

So, let’s talk about why boiler maintenance in Avon, OH is so incredibly valuable.

Boilers Last Longer Than Forced-Air Heaters

One of the most valuable reasons to invest in maintenance for your boiler system is for extended longevity. Boilers are unique in the heating industry, where they last upwards of 15–20 years in many cases, which is almost 25–50% longer than a forced-air heating system might last. This is a big deal, which means maintenance is even more valuable than it would be for a system that lasts for a lesser lifespan.

Think of it this way: your boiler might not reach it’s 12th or 15th birthday if it’s not maintained every year. By that point, you might be hoping to replace the system since it makes strange noises, operates inefficiently, and does a poor job at keeping your home comfortable.

With maintenance, your boiler could easily reach the heights of its lifespan and still provide you with excellent comfort.

Maintenance Improves Efficiency and Performance

Let’s not forget about efficiency and performance! Maintenance is a great way to keep efficiency levels high and the system running at peak performance. As long as you get the system maintained once a year, you’ll see great returns on how well it works and how low your heating bills are compared to if the system wasn’t maintained.

Peace of Mind Is Important

Many families are going through stressful times now. Having to worry about your home’s heat isn’t something we think should be added to that plate. So, boiler maintenance is just another tool to help alleviate stress and make things easier for you and your family. You can rest easy when you call us for boiler maintenance, because a specialist is going to inspect the system for any problems small and large.

This means that you won’t really need to worry about problems. We’ll usually be able to detect if there are any issues budding and discuss with you ways to address them in the future. Also, we’ll even try to make minor adjustments and repairs to keep things running smoothly for the entire heating season.

To schedule a boiler maintenance appointment, contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing!

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