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How Can I Tell if My Furnace Needs Professional Repair?

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There are few better ways to make it through a cold winter in Avon, OH than a furnace. These old warhorses of the HVAC world continue to prove their usefulness each year with dependable and effective warmth. Continual advances in heating technology keep furnaces up-to-date and competitive with other heating systems. The furnace in your home should give you many years of comfort with few issues, as long as you make sure it receives regular maintenance and prompt repairs. If you think your furnace requires professional attention, don’t hesitate: call in trained professionals, like those at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning, to have the problem looked at right away.

But how can you know that your Avon furnace needs professional repair?

Here are 4 signs to watch (and listen) for:

1. Strange sounds from the furnace cabinet

Furnaces contain numerous mechanical parts, and malfunctions in moving parts often create obtrusive noises that indicate something is awry. Clicking sounds can mean trouble with the pilot light or the ignition; booming sounds come from dirt over the burner; rattling may mean loose pieces in the motors. Have a professional investigate to find the source of the noise and a method to fix it before the problem becomes worse.

2. An unexpected increase in energy bills

You will expect to see your energy bills climb during the winter, but if you notice a spike that can’t be accounted for, then it may indicate a malfunctioning part that is making the furnace work harder than it should.

3. Low air flow from the vents

If you feel the air coming from the vents into the rooms is much weaker than it used to be, it might mean trouble with the blower motor fans. Another culprit is leaks in the ductwork causing a loss of air pressure.

4. Odd smells from the vents

If the air coming from the vents develops a musty or acrid odor, it could point to a number of problems. Excessive dust along the burners, a motor overheating, or gaps in the ducts drawing air from a musty attic or crawlspace… all of these are serious issues that require professional attention.

Furnaces are intricate machines that require work from technicians with special training and tools to safely repair. Do not open the furnace cabinet yourself and attempt to troubleshoot when you think there is a problem. This will put both you and your furnace at risk. Rely on the NATE-certified technicians at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of your furnace in Avon, OH. We also offer an Ultimate Service Agreement Plan that delivers a yearly maintenance visit for your furnace, plus a 5-year guarantee on all repairs performed, and many other benefits.

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