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Heating Repairs Caused by Lack of Maintenance

In matters of heating repair, North Olmsted, OH residents can’t afford to take chances. Our winter nights are too cold to simply leave a heating problem be, and the faster a repairman can do his job, the better off you and your furnace are likely to be. But in many cases, repair begins with prevention, rather than reaction. A good maintenance session can stop a number of problems before they start. On the other hand, a lack of maintenance can lead to much more serious issues requiring considerably more out-of-pocket expenses. Heating repairs caused by a lack of maintenance can hit much harder than you think.

Maintenance sessions essentially act as a tune-up for your heater. The technician starts by cleaning dust and grime which have accumulated on the internal components (always important, but especially after the summer season when the heater has likely sat idle). He or she also tightens any fittings that have become loose, to seal up potential fissures and keep components like the fan motor from rattling around in their housings (which increases stress and decreases efficiency). If something more serious is brewing, the technician can note it and plan to get it fixed via a more serious repair session.

All of that is a necessary part of keeping the heater running: no different than taking your car in for an oil change or replacing a burnt-out light bulb. When you don’t plan for that kind of maintenance, however, repairs immediately become more serious. Loose fittings lead to increased strain on motors, while accumulated dirt creates friction in moving parts. Little problems have a way of suddenly turning into big ones in those conditions, as the lack of maintenance catches up to the heater and creates much larger issues than might have been present otherwise.

An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure as the saying goes. Heating repairs caused by a lack of maintenance have an easy solution: schedule an upkeep session from a reliable service technician. For maintenance or heating repair in North Olmsted, OH, we at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning are the solution. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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