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Heating Maintenance Can Prevent Repairs

furnace-repair-serviceWe’re coming to the end of winter. Your heating system is likely going to get a bit of a break after months and months of daily use. This is the time of year that breakdowns become the most common, as heating systems continue to see regular use and the strain finally catches up with them.

If your system undergoes a sudden breakdown or similar serious problems, a licensed repair service can be dispatched to get it fixed promptly. But we believe that an ounce of prevention can beat a pound of curse. Regular heating maintenance can prevent repairs before they start, as well as giving you an early jump on any issues that need addressing. Now is an ideal time to schedule heating maintenance—in the spring, right as heating season ends. And if you can set a regular annual date for heating maintenance, it can benefit your system a great deal.

What Happens During Regular Heating Maintenance?

Heating maintenance most closely resembles a tune-up for your car. The technician will arrive and give every section of the system a thorough look, as well as running the heater for 15 to 20 minutes and checking for any problems. The inspection will involve little touches and adjustments designed to stop big problems when they’re still small. Clogged burners will be cleaned up, loose bolts will be tightened, filters will be cleaned or replaced, and things like that.

Doing so helps the technician treat big problems when they’re still very small. If something more substantial is required, you can schedule targeted repairs immediately. In many cases, repairs can be conducted as soon as the maintenance is finished.

What Kinds of Benefits Does That Provide?

Heating maintenance provides three specific benefits:

  • Lower Monthly Bills. By correcting those little problems, your heating system will tend to function more efficiently when you dust it off next fall. That means lower bills overall and less strain on the system, making it less likely to break down.
  • Easier Repairs. If formal repairs are needed, regular maintenance lets you catch them early, when the damage hasn’t spread, and let you treat them at your leisure. This is one of the reasons why we recommend maintenance at the end of heating season. It lets you deal with any serious issues created over the winter while you have all summer long to schedule repair service.
  • Longer Life. Regular maintenance helps cut down on wear and tear, and as a result, can reduce the impact of wear and tear on the system. That, in turn, will result in lower repair bills later in the system’s life, and in many cases can extend its life by months or even years in some cases. Considering the cost of replacing a heating system that can add up to a huge savings.

If your heating system hasn’t been serviced in at least 12 months and you want to set up a regular maintenance in your Westlake, OH home, call on the friendly professionals at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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